Timeless Natural Simpsonville Newborn Photos

Simpsonville SC Newborn PhotographerNoel contacted me for Timeless Natural Simpsonville Newborn Photos because she loved my style. The details, the simplicity, the focus on the sweet baby and the relationships was just as much her heartbeat as mine.

Timeless Natural Simpsonville Newborn Photos

Noel and Chris had just moved back to Greenville to be close to family.  They closed on their home and just days later sweet Addison Josephine arrived on Christmas Eve. I guarantee sweet Addie Jo was the very best Christmas present this family has ever received.

Daddy  and newborn pictures Greenville SC

Mama and Family pictures with Newborn Greenville SC

Addie Jo came into the studio at about a month old two days after a South Carolina big snow. The first thing I asked her parents was if I could take her outside to play.  It was 55 degrees, but I wrapped her in three wraps and put a wool bonnet on her head.  I took her outside to this shady patch that had not yet melted and photographed these images in about 5 minutes.

Snow Newborn Pictures Greenville SC

Baby safety is so important to me. I will never endanger a precious life to get “the shot”.  Addie Jo and every newborn that comes into my studio will always call the shots. I monitor their temperature and re-position babies when they start to loose circulation in their limbs. If I walk away or do a pose where there is danger of startling, I will ask mama and daddy to keep hands on or near.  If the image looks impossible, then the odds are we created it in Photoshop.  I repeat: newborn safety is a big deal to me!

Newborn in a bowl picture Simpsonville SC

Newborn in a Bucket Pictures in Greenville SCAlthough I love my snow in South Caroline picture, my favorite set of Addie is this simple cream set with the curly posing and the sweet newborn faces. They are perfect just as they are.  Always. Babies don’t need embellishing to be beautiful.  They just are.
Simple Newborn Photos in Simpsonville SC

Curly Newborn on WHite Simpsonville SC

Thinking about booking a session for Timeless Natural Simpsonville Newborn Photos? I’d love to hear from you today about your dreams and wishes for preserving your memories in fine art.

Greenville SC Swaddled Newborn Pictures