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Timeless Natural Simpsonville Newborn Photos

Simpsonville SC Newborn PhotographerNoel contacted me for Timeless Natural Simpsonville Newborn Photos because she loved my style. The details, the simplicity, the focus on the sweet baby and the relationships was just as much her heartbeat as mine.

Timeless Natural Simpsonville Newborn Photos

Noel and Chris had just moved back to Greenville to be close to family.  They closed on their home and just days later sweet Addison Josephine arrived on Christmas Eve. I guarantee sweet Addie Jo was the very best Christmas present this family has ever received.

Daddy  and newborn pictures Greenville SC

Mama and Family pictures with Newborn Greenville SC

Addie Jo came into the studio at about a month old two days after a South Carolina big snow. The first thing I asked her parents was if I could take her outside to play.  It was 55 degrees, but I wrapped her in three wraps and put a wool bonnet on her head.  I took her outside to this shady patch that had not yet melted and photographed these images in about 5 minutes.

Snow Newborn Pictures Greenville SC

Baby safety is so important to me. I will never endanger a precious life to get “the shot”.  Addie Jo and every newborn that comes into my studio will always call the shots. I monitor their temperature and re-position babies when they start to loose circulation in their limbs. If I walk away or do a pose where there is danger of startling, I will ask mama and daddy to keep hands on or near.  If the image looks impossible, then the odds are we created it in Photoshop.  I repeat: newborn safety is a big deal to me!

Newborn in a bowl picture Simpsonville SC

Newborn in a Bucket Pictures in Greenville SCAlthough I love my snow in South Caroline picture, my favorite set of Addie is this simple cream set with the curly posing and the sweet newborn faces. They are perfect just as they are.  Always. Babies don’t need embellishing to be beautiful.  They just are.
Simple Newborn Photos in Simpsonville SC

Curly Newborn on WHite Simpsonville SC

Thinking about booking a session for Timeless Natural Simpsonville Newborn Photos? I’d love to hear from you today about your dreams and wishes for preserving your memories in fine art.

Greenville SC Swaddled Newborn Pictures

Simple Classic Newborn Photos on White Greenville SC

Meet Rhys! His sweet parents wanted a Simple Classic Newborn Photos on White Greenville SC.  We used a few other neutrals too!Simple Classic Newborn Photos on White Greenville SC

black and white newborn pictures simpsonville sc

Rhys has a rocky beginning that included twelve days in the NICU for respiratory distress.  His parents Stefanie and Chris were so excited when he came home and just wanted to remember how much they loved their little guy.  They wanted to capture every little detail.  I love how we did just that with a few beautiful macro images.

Detail Images of Baby Greer SC

These are always some of my favorites because these are the details we remember as the grow up: those paper thin fingernails, the skinny legs, their profile, their tiny toes.  It is a gift to preserve imagery to go with the memory.

Simple Clean Newborn Posed on White SImpsonville SC

I also just love the way newborns curl up int a little ball, don’t you? Black and white is my favorite, but the color is lovely too.

Froggy Froggie Pose in Greenville SC

Stefanie also requested the “froggie pose.”  It’s not one I do unless it’s requested, but Stefanie was shocked to find out this the image is Photoshop Magic.  It’s actually two images of Rhys fully supported that are stitched together to create this final image. If a photographer ever tries to balance baby in this pose, fire him or her on the spot.  Baby Safety is always more important than the image created!  Babies are priceless treasures.  You can see the two images I used to create this image below.

Newborn Photography Safety Greenville SC

Here’s another angle of this pose that was also stitched together in Photoshop.


But for the most part we stuck to simple, classic, and safe poses for Rhys which are always my favorite.  They’ll also stand the test of time.  However, we couldn’t resist this bear bonnet.  It’s a crowd favorite!

Baby in a bear bonnet Greer SC

Clean newborn photos on wood Simpsonville SC

Are you looking to book a session for your own sweet love?  Sessions book quickly so I recommend booking in your second trimester.  We’d love to help you remember your little one. Contact us today!Clean Simple Newborn Photos Simpsonville SC

Stefanie and Chris, I have never had two clients who enjoyed themselves so much laughing at me posing!  Thank you so much for your sweet spirits and your laughter.

Smiling newborn simple baby pictures Mauldin SC


Gentry: Newborn Pictures in Taylors SC

Sometimes a dream baby is carried into my studio.

Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

The greater newborn photographer world refers to these as unicorn babies.  When a unicorn baby comes to the studio, I rarely see their eyes. And if I do see their eyes, they are content while awake.

Wide Awake Newborn Pictures in Little Bed Greenville SC

Gentry was a unicorn baby.  The mythical newborn creature that allows me to pose to my heart’s content (and makes mama’s gallery HUGE)!  I especially love Photoblocks Wall No. 13 and was so glad to fill it with lovely images of Gentry.

Smiling Newborn Pictures Greer SCA unicorn baby always smiles at least once.

Smiling Newborn Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC

And most of the time, a unicorn baby smiles more than once.

Newborn Baby Posing Safety Greenville SC

It’s almost as if Gentry is amused at how the above pose (called Froggy) fooled you into thinking that he did it all on his own.  But he didn’t: safety is so important to me!  A little work in Photoshop creates this magic pose.

Smiling Newborn Pictures with Family Greer SC

Did I mention that sweet unicorn babies LOVE being in images with their mama and daddy? Gentry even smiled every time his daddy kissed him!

Family picture with newborn Simpsonville SC

One of the ways to create unicorn baby behavior is to follow my prep package for making sure your little one is perfect for photos.  I recommend a purposeful awake period of about one hour before the session and a full tummy right before you leave to come to the studio (if you live closer) or right when you arrive if you live farther away.  Gentry’s mama followed prep to the letter and was spoiled with this full gallery of lovelies.

Newborn Baby Photographer Greenville SC

Sweet Gentry,  thank you so much for spoiling me with all of these beautiful images.  I’m sure your mama loved them too!

Baby Details photography Greenville SC
And one more Photoblock Wall because I can’t resist!!!

Photoblock Photographer Wall


Greenville SC Babies R Us: Classes for New Moms

I love creating beautiful heirloom imagery of your babies and children. But what I love most about my job is meeting new or expecting mamas and being able to encourage them on their journey.

Early motherhood is hard and it often feels lonely. If I can come alongside one new mom and tell her what she is feeling is normal or point her toward a resource that helps, then I am truly living my calling.

So when Babies R Us in Greenville approached me about teaching classes for them this year, I was so excited about this opportunity!  I’ll be teaching 3 complimentary classes rotating throughout the year and you can read about each topic.

8 Things to Do Before Baby Arrives: Practical Steps to Prepare for Early Motherhood

7 pm on March 9, June 1, and October 5, 2015

A round table discussion about 8 things that will help you transition into early motherhood with joy.  From where to get your car seat installation checked to making a plan for date night to making new mom friends, we will tackle some often neglected areas on preparing your home, heart, and lives to welcome your new baby.  To get a head start on this class, sign up for my email newsletter here to get my free ebook where I cover 5 of these topics!


How to Choose a Photographer to Capture Baby’s First Year

7 pm on April 6, July 6, November 2, 2015

I’m the first to admit I’m not the photographer for every couple.  But how do you sort through the overwhelming number of photographers out there to choose just one?  How do you know that their business is safe, reliable, and ready to meet your needs.  I will teach you how to interview photographers in order to find the one who is the perfect fit for your family’s wants and needs (even if that photographer isn’t me).

Navigating Mompetition: Learning to Give Grace to other Moms (and yourself)

7 pm on May 4, September 7, December 7, 2015

When I became a new mom I was shocked to learn that mothering was becoming almost a competitive sport!  I watched mothers around her choose teams and sit back to smugly judge those who mothered differently  In this round table discussion, Melissa will introduce you to some of the competitive issues of motherhood that may surprise you and then help you learn to give yourself and others room to parent differently. Let’s be a generation of moms who recognize that each mom is just doing what works for her and her children.

Interested in taking one of these free classes? Call the Greenville Babies R Us at (864) 213-2022 to register.

Simple Newborn Girl Photos Upstate SC

Simple Newborn Girl Photos Upstate SC by Quiet Graces photography

After photographing the emotional journey of Allyson giving birth to her sweet Abigail, we decided to do very simple newborn girl photos.  We planned a creamy neutral color palette to keep the highlight on the innocence of the first few days of life.  We were hoping for a sibling image, some sweet detail images, and one of Allyson with all three of her kiddos.

Simpsonville SC Newborn Photography tiny fingers detail shot

But on the evening before the session, the older two children came down with fevers. So instead of the crazy and full on energy of a session with siblings, we had a quiet relaxing morning with just mama and baby. A session with no siblings is just as relaxing as this video of Abigail settling down to sleep makes it seem.

I’ve said it before: if I could only photograph two things it would be mamas with their newborns and newborns outside.  I was able to do both with Abigail.

Allyson is the talent behind The Journey by Ally so it’s always a special honor to be asked to photograph a photographer’s baby. And when Allyson said the following words after her session, I remembered again why I love to give new mama’s the gift of seeing her love for her baby.

Simple Newborn Girl Photos Upstate SC-5

Thank you again for this image. It reminds me how sweet & tiny she was. All that sleep deprivation blurs the mind! It’s one of the only images post-partum of myself that I actually like. You are amazing!

Newborn Baby in mama's arms Simpsonville SCDetail image of newborn in mama's arms Upstate SC

Since Abigail was born in August we were also able to sneak outside of the studio for a quick image. For safety sake, I only photograph newborns outside when it is at least 75 degrees and preferably above 80 unless baby is well wrapped and wearing a hat (and for that situation I pose them inside before carrying them out and taking a quick image).

Outside Newborn Photography Greenville SC Baby in a Bowl by Quiet Graces Photography

This turned out to be one of my very favorite images I took in 2014.

You can see it hanging here in the gallery wall in my studio in my signature barnwood frame with a torn edge print.

Barnwood frame torn edge print and sweet baby girl upstate SC
Would you like to capture simple images of your sweet baby in your arms or outside? Contact me today to tell me your story and get your due date on my limited calendar.