{Greenville, SC Newborn Twin Photography} Vance Session

My session with this dear family started like most with a simple inquiry in my Facebook messages.

Sleepy Newborn Twins Photography Greenville, SC

But this wasn’t the normal sort of photography inquiry.  In fact, it had nothing to do with photography at all. Diane and Titus had just been selected by a birth mom pregnant with twins and wanted to pick the brain of the only woman they knew with young twins: me.

One thing led to another after I dumped my unused double stroller, registry advice, and lots of crazy pep talks on Diane, I begged to photograph the babies.  I’m pretty shameless. 🙂 Adoption is expensive and I like to love on adoptive families however I can.  So a session with the most gorgeous twins I’ve ever laid eyes on (besides my own), was sooo exciting that it was a gift.

However, as a twin mom, it wasn’t the best gift I could give.  The best gift were words of comfort when I heard Diane had hit the 2-4 month absolutely exhausted slump.  I wrote down how difficult it is to like two beings who rarely let you sleep more than 2 hours straight and yet whom you love dearly. The first 5 or so months of twin motherhood is pure survival mode. It’s hard.  I’m not saying it’s not worth it, because I love being a twin mom.  But there are moments in those first months where I would have handed over my babies to that kind old stranger lady in the grocery store who uttered the words “I always wanted twins” just to go home and nap. There are moments where somehow the grace of God eased me through, but I still have no idea how I and the babies survived. And I want new twin mothers to hear that it’s okay to have those feelings and those moments.

I come to love each session more than the last… but I have to say this is one of my very favorite sessions ever.  Diane and Titus, thank you for letting me talk you into coming for a session!  It was a true gift for me to snuggle your new ones.

Greenville, SC Sleepy Newborn Twins Photography

I had some help from the lovely Mayfield Photography for this session.  She shot some spectacular detail images and was also the hands behind my composite shots!