Greenville Hospital System Birth Experience and Photography

Meet Connie.  She’s 38 weeks pregnant with baby number 2 and she’s been up most of the night with contractions.

Greenville Hospital System Birth Experience and Photography
She checked into Greenville Hospital system early in the morning and was already 6 cm.

Connie shamelessly begged for and loved her epidural.

And then she waited and waited and waited.  I snuck into document her birth at around 8 centimeters and the hospital was hopping.  Connie still hadn’t seen her on-call OB because of 5 back to back deliveries.

Greenville SC Birth Photography

So we passed the time watching Korean dramas, sniffing Connie’s pregnancy scent of choice (dial soap), swapping stories about past births, giving Connie hair massages (where I was dubbed the doula-photographer), Facebook messaging with her friend Karen in Germany, and laughing away with our most amazing nurse Kathy (who is also a photographer!).

Connie Birth-17

Finally Connie got to see her on-call doctor (her favorite!) and then he ran off real quickly to eat lunch around 5pm.

And then it was time to meet sweet baby girl Allie.  Kathy was amazing.  I can’t stress that enough.  A few practice pushes and then the most beautiful and peaceful delivery I’ve ever seen.

Greenville Hospital System Labor and Delivery

Below is the video slideshow of Connie’s birth and sweet older sister Abbie meeting her for the first time.

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