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Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greenville SC

Dear Mama,

Don’t blink. Those long exhausting and yet treasured nights with your newborn will turn into fun days playing with a one year old who has more personality than you know what to do with.Greenville SC Newborn Photographer

One moment you’re snuggling your precious baby and the next you’re doing a Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greenville SC.  It happens so fast and it’s so wonderful.2019-03-04_0005

Soon those protective older brothers who screamed and hid a bit during baby sister’s newborn session will be cuddling their little sister and making her belly laugh like no one else can.
Simpsonville SC Child Photographer

These faces, sweet mama, are worth the sleepless nights, the constant correction, the neediness, the endless repeat of “mama”, and the sibling rivalry, exchanging the peaceful hours reading for loud wrestling and excitement all the live long day…Greenville SC Child Photographer

It’s all worth it.Simpsonville SC Studio Pictures for Mothers Day

One day soon, you’ll wake up and your baby will have babies.  You’ll get to relive the delight without all the constant-ness.  But don’t lose sight of the right now joy.Greenville SC Studio Portraits Mothers Day

The joy of being sandwiched on all sides by a love you can barely contain.  Your little people are utterly amazing and that’s in no small part to you, mama.Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greer SC

The labor to bring them here is hard and the daily labor never ends. Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Simpsonville SC

Oh, but it’s worth it. Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greenville SC

I promise you, it’s all worth it. Simpsonville SC Cake Smash PhotographerGreenville SC Cake Smash Photographer

So when you see that beautiful face crinkled in laughter: celebrate all the work that brought you this far.Greenville SC Milk Bath Photography

I’m cheering you on, sweet mama.  You’re doing amazing.



P.S.  If you’d like to book your own Strawberry Lemonade Girl Cake Smash Greenville SC or Greenville SC Newborn Photographer, then I would love to capture for you how you feel each day as a mama.  Drop me a line here and tell me what you’d most like to remember.

Baby Plan Photographer Greenville SC

I can’t tell you what a priveledge it’s been to be Ford and Emerson’s Baby Plan Photographer Greenville SC.  I’ve seen them as newborns, at one year, and now at two year old.  Here is a video of some highlights from the last three years.

Two Years of Ford and Emerson from Melissa Aldrich on Vimeo.

Baby Plan Photographer Simpsonville SC

I look forward to continuing to watch these two grow up, but I have to admit two is a hard year to photograph.  Especially two times two!

Timeless Studio Baby Plan Photographer Greenville SC

Mom Jessica had wagered that Emerson would give me fits at the session, but it was Ford who showed up with sweet smile at the beginning of the session and then didn’t want to follow instructions as time went on.

Baby Plan Photographer Greenville SC

Emerson was fairly fascinated with the whole process and although a little shy at first, she was eager to follow directions.

Timeless Studio Baby Plan Photographer Simpsonville SC

I love how Jessica read my 11 ways to Prepare a Young Child for a Photography Session post and found her own way to get them to smile.  She asked Ford and Emerson to make animal noises.  Who can keep from smiling when they are neighing or meowing!  It was perfect.

Timeless Studio Baby Plan Photographer Greer SC

Many of the images of these two active two year olds together are actually composites: two images put together in Photoshop.  But this one sharing my bench made me smile and show both personalities so well.

Natural Studio Baby Plan Photographer Greenville SC

Jessica, I am so grateful that you have trusted me to document these favorite memories in your miracles’ childhood.  You’re an amazing mama and I have been delighted to watch your babies grow.

Natural Studio Baby Plan Photographer Simpsonville SC Natural Studio Baby Plan Photographer Greer SC

Are you looking to book your own Baby Plan Photographer Greenville SC?  I’d love to be considered to make your dreams come true. Contact me today to share your vision for how your baby (babies?) should be captured.

Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash Photos Greenville SC

I can’t tell you how excited I was about this Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash Photos Greenville SC.

Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash Photos Upstate SC

First, I have been with George since his newborn session.

And his six month session.

Simple Simpsonville SC Baby Photos

I absolutely adore his doting mamas so I squealed out loud when Lisa and Martha asked for a Where the Wild Things book theme.

One year old boy photography session Greenville SC

I stock piled a romper from Lydia’s Hope Chest, created and hood and tail, ordered a banner, made some fun wooden cupcake stands, and commissioned cakes and custom cupcakes from Baking Sweet Scents.  It was so much fun preparing for this session!

Where the Wild Things Are Pictures Greenville SC Greer SC Cake Smash Pictures

George started out a little shy.  Most one year olds have a bit of separation anxiety in the studio.  But if mama sits next to them on the paper, they tend to calm down quite a bit and warm up to me.

Simpsonville SC Cake Smash Pictures

When in came to cake time George did not disappoint.  He destroyed almost all of the fun monster cupcakes.  His mamas were roaring as George is usually a savory food guy.

Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash Photos Simpsonville SC Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash Photos Greer SC

But I promise he ate at least 3 of these cupcakes and destroyed another 2-3 by smashing them to bits.

Greer SC Baby Photographer

You can see all of the evidence of his destruction here.

Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer

And here.

Greenville SC Cake Smash Pictures

And here.


And here.

Simpsonville SC Cake Smash Photographer Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash Photos Greer SC

Seriously, George loved Baking Sweet Scents’ chocolate cake and frosting!  He couldn’t get enough.

Where the Wild Things Are Cake Smash Photos Greenville SC

And while frosting and cake made George happy, the bubble bath was not his favorite. At all :)

Greenville Studio Photographer

Lisa and Martha,  thank you so much for trusting me with your memories over George’s first year.  I have so enjoyed getting to know you and watching George thrive in your care.

Baking Sweet Scents Greenville SC

Looking to book your own cake smash session?  Maybe a Where the Wild Things Are Theme for your son, too?  I would be delighted to serve you.  Drop me an inquiry by clicking here. 



Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer

I love when my newborn clients choose me again as their Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer.  Here’s sweet Samuel at 6 weeks old.

Greer SC Newborn Photographer

And here is Samuel at one year old.  His joy is absolutely contagious!

Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer

Samuel is an early walker which made him want to wander around the studio and touch all the things. But it also makes for some hilarious cake fun!

Simpsonville SC Cake Smash Photographer

Christine from the lovely Baking Sweet Scents does all of my cakes and I loved how this one turned out!
Greer SC Cake Smash photographer
And these fun paper banners and sweet fairy lights just made our time together that much more fun!

One Year Old studiio pictures Greenville SC

Of course, we just carried the decor over while Samuel took his post cake bath.

One year old pictures Simpsonville SC

I always tell my one year old parents that their kiddos will likely cry through either the cake or the bath.  One year olds are developmentally working through separation anxiety (even with a parent in the studio!) and becoming aware of so many new sensory experiences each day. Cake frosting can sometimes cause tears, but so can a bath in an unusual location.  Samuel was the rare baby not phased by either new experience.

One year old pictures Greer SC

He loved the bath and I about died when I saw the Santa Claus beard he gave himself.  There was just so much enthusiasm!

Simpsonsonville SC Studio Cake Smash One Year photos

However, all one year olds tire out pretty fast so by the time the end of our session neared, Samuel was just tired.

One year Old Photographer Greenville SCDetails of baby photos

But, of course, a few snuggles from mama are the perfect thing to fix a small case of the grumpies.

Mothers Day Photos Greenville SC

Mothers Day Photos Simpsonville SC

This mama series is one of my very favorite I’ve ever taken.  I’m such a sucker for the relationship between mother and child.  The joy and the growth they inspire in each other takes my breath away.

Mommy and Me Pictures Greenville SC

Looking to record your own little one’s Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer?  I’d love to work with you!  Shoot me an email and let me know what you’re envisioning.

Mothers Day Photos Greer SC

Greenville SC Twin Natural Cake Smash Photos

Remember twins Ford and Emerson?  These two little loves came for their newborn session.

Greenville SC Natural Twin Newborn Baby Photographer

Now they’re back for their Greenville SC Twin Natural Cake Smash Photos!2018-02-02_0028

Jessica requested simple, neutral, and causal for their smash set up.  I have to admit, that is my favorite type of cake smash.  I love keeping things simple so that the focus remains on your sweet baby.

Simple Boy Girl Twin Cake Smash Greenville SCBoy Girl Twin Cake Smash Greenville SC


We grabbed some eucalyptus, some cotton, fresh dahlias, bark plaques, moss, and the cutest twin naked cakes from Baking Sweet Scents (Christine is the best!!!).  Add in the adorable outfits from Cora & Violet and we had the perfect simple set.


But even when you have the perfect set, babies may not destroy the cake.  And while we made a huge mess and had plenty of nibbles, these two remained pretty clean :)

Twin Cake Smash Greenville SC STealing cake

However, just like adults, baby twins always think the cake looks better on the other side. I guess they’ll soon learn that all cake is delicious!

Bubble Bath after cake smash Greenville SC

After we played in the cake we took some portraits in these sweet monogrammed rompers that mama had got for their party.

Greenville SC Twin Photographer

I’ll let you in on a little secret: I did a Photoshop trick called a head swap on this photo.  It really is hard to get both babies to look and smile at a the same time.  One of them was blinking in this image so I used another image for that baby’s face. This type of magic isn’t always possible since the angles have to be the same, but when it is I always use it!

Baby Twins Wrestling Greenville SC

Jessica,  you and your husband have done such an amazing job conquering the difficulties of the first year with twins. You’ve done so with grace and a sense of humor intact.  So much humor that you picked the twin hulk smash images for your final gallery!!! I love it!

Cake Smash Photographer Simple Greenville SC Cake Smash Photographer Greenville SC One Year Session Photographer Greenville SC

As you go into the year with double the no’s and twice the feet running in opposite directions, may you keep that humor.  It’s so hard, but I promise their sweet twin bond and your joy over them will be sweeter each and every year. It’s worth it.

Simpsonville SC Twin Photographer

Looking for a simple cake smash for your twins or singleton? I’d love to serve you. Contact me today with your vision.