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Christmas Photos near Simpsonville SC November 9 and 11

Hey, there!  Looking for Christmas Photos near Simpsonville SC?  Need that perfect gift for the hard to shop for Grandma?  Look no further!

Christmas Photos near Simpsonville SC November 9 and 11

Quiet Graces Photography, a newborn and child photography studio in Taylors, is doing Christmas Photos near Simpsonville SC on November 9 and 11 between 9am-1:20pm.

Christmas Card Photographer Simpsonville

Sessions are 15 minutes long and can include sibling (or cousin!) sets.  If more than one child is attending the session, we’ll get that perfect group photo first! Then, we’ll try for individual images.  If you want to guarantee both group and individual images, it’s recommended that you book two sessions especially if you have more than two children.

Christmas Photos near Simpsonville SC November 9 and 11

During your Milk and Cookie session, you’ll have the choice of two backdrops.  A sweet little Holiday inspired set up includes a tiny table, a pint sized Christmas tree, and the rustic accents of pine cones and birch branches.  There’s also “milk” and cookies. This set is perfect for holiday finery or Christmas PJs. Children will be invited to enjoy chocolate chip cookies (gluten & dairy free option available)! This set up would make the perfect Christmas card image.

Older Child in Holiday Mini Sessions Greer SC

The second set up offered is a cream bed.  The soft romantic style of this bed and it’s cream whole cloth quilt reminiscences of days of old with a few modern touches.   This set is perfect for a holiday finery and older siblings.  But it will also create timeless photos that Grandma and you will treasure forever.


Your mini session includes a wardrobe for you to use.  We have items in sizes 0-14 for girls and sizes 0-2t, and size 6 for little boys. All items are timeless and neutral, except for a sprinkling of Christmas items in sizes 0-18 months (though we did put this size 18 month dress on this size 7 girl as a tunic and it’s adorable!).

Milk & Cookies Limited Edition Holiday Mini Sessions will sell out fast.  Please click here to snag your session before they all run out!

Child Christmas Mini Photos Greenville

Desmond came into the studio grinning and ready for his Child Christmas Mini Photos Greenville.  He was an early volunteer to model for my Milk & Cookies Holiday Mini Sessions. Desmond was the most willing model I have ever had in the studio.  Child Christmas Mini Sessions Greenville

He tolerated multiple clothing changes while delighting me, and his mama. My daughter Aeralind, who was assisting in the studio that day, wanted to steal him!

Holiday Mini Sessions

This little polar bear hoodie and shorts by Lydia’s Hope Chest is named after Desmond.  You can purchase your own hoodie for your little one this holiday season.

Mini Sessions for Christmas Greer

I’m a sucker for the happy baby yoga pose.  That happy smile and those chunky little legs: dreamy.

Mini photo sessions Simpsonville

Our holiday mini sessions are coming up on November 9 & 11.  There’s two set ups: our cream bed and our cute Christmas set up featuring Milk & Cookies (yes, your kiddos can eat them!)  The studio carries wardrobe options for sizes zero to 2t for both genders. We also have some options for 2t-14 for girls and 2t-6 for boys.  Either set up is perfect for holiday finery or Christmas PJs for your holiday card.

Milk and Cookie sessions are $99 and include 5 digital files.  There is also an opportunity to purchase Christmas Cards or a set of prints perfect for gifting both sets of grandparents (with a few for yourself!)  Chocolate chip cookies both traditional and gluten/dairy free will be available for your children to enjoy for their smiles.


Child Christmas Mini Sessions Greenville SC

Interested in booking a Milk & Cookies session?  Click here!

Kingsley: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

I nearly squealed when adorable Kingsley came into the studio with these perfect rosy cheeks.  I may have been tempted to steal her.

when your baby has Down syndrome


But the icing on the cake was her sweet disposition. She’s such a happy girl whose love for life was so evident.

Greenville, SC Baby Photographer


We had so much fun playing dress up with with this beauty.  She seriously smiled and laughed in every single set up we put her in.

One Year Baby Pictures Simpsonville SC

And the best part: it was Kingsley’s first birthday on the day of her session!!

What is it like to have a baby with Down Syndrome

Kingsley’s mama Courtney did not know that Kingsley had Trisomy 21 until after she was born.  While scary at the beginning, Courtney is glad that they were surprised with the extra chromosome.  Courtney writes:

It was not what we expected, and it was scary at first, but Kingsley is such a blessing to us. She brings us so much joy. It’s really fun to watch her hit milestones at her own pace, and we celebrate each one with her.

Down Syndrome Mini Sessions Greenville SC

Kingsley has a million possibilities in front of her just like a typically developing child.  Nothing will hold her back from achieving her dreams.

Greer SC Baby Pictures

Robert: Down Syndrome Awareness Mini Sessions

Remember Robert?

What it is like to have a child with Down Syndrome

Last year this little charmer came to the studio, was woken up from a nap, and produced a million smiles.  I couldn’t believe it!

What is it like to have a baby with Down syndrome?

He’s grown a lot!

How does Down Syndrome affect siblings?

And one thing is for sure, his sisters absolutely adore Robert!

Down syndrome photographer Greenville SC


His laugh is infectious.

Greenville SC one year old photographer


One of the things I hear over and over throughout the course of these mini sessions is “I wish people would just see a child first.”

With Down syndrome (and other special needs that are visible, people are quick to ask about disability or ability or “What is it like to have a baby with that condition?”  Worse still, people generally refer to children with Down syndrome as “the Down syndrome baby/child/person”.

Like all individuals with Down syndrome, Robert is a child first.  Just like any other child he longs for your love and affection.  Referring to him as “the Down syndrome baby” is offensive because it defines Robert by his diagnosis.  But Robert is more than his diagnosis.  Robert is a little boy with an amazing sense of humor and a family who loves him.  He also happens to have Down syndrome.

So what is the best way to refer to a child with a disability?  By their first name.

Baby with Down Syndrome

If you need to reference their medical condition use their first name first.  Robert, who has Down syndrome.  Holden, who has Sensory Processing Disorder. Debbie, who has Cerebral Palsy.  Their conditions do not define them.

Stephanie: Down Syndrome Awareness Month

I first met Stephanie when she was just two months old.

Newborn with Down Syndrome

I was so very excited when her mama came back again for this year’s Down Syndrome Awareness Mini Sessions.  Actually her daddy brought her, which made it twice as fun to surprise mama with images!

They grow so very quickly!  Stephanie was 8 months old at the time of this new shoot.  And her daddy and I were dying laughing at her antics.

What to expect when you're expecting a child with Down Syndrome?

Due to the low body tone associated with Down syndrome, Stephanie had not mastered sitting up.  We had propped her up on the pillows on our bed set up and we would have approximately 45 seconds to take a few images before she would intentionally roll herself off the pillows.  It was hilarious.

What it's really like to have a child with Down Syndrome

Obviously Stephanie has a sense of humor, but her mama also described her this way: “Stephanie is sweet, calm, and laid back. She has an adoring 2 year old sister who loves to entertain her and make her smile. Her favorite activity is playing with her toy piano and drum.”  Sounds pretty much like every other baby you meet with a two year old sister, right?
Down Syndrome Greenville SC

Stephanie’s mama Amanda had this to say to other mamas expecting a little one with Down syndrome:

There are many, many, many more joys then hardships in raising a child with special needs. At first, it’s easy to think of all the hardships, but soon the joy will overcome that.


Babies with Down Syndrome are people too

I know that I have found so much joy in getting to know these children and their parents.  I’m so grateful to be given this opportunity to show everyone just how amazing each of these families and children are.

Down syndrome Photographer Greenville SC