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Mommy and Me Maternity photos Simpsonville SC

When McCall walked in the studio for this session he was bright eyed and curious. Like most 2 year olds, he needed a moment to get to know me.  I let him click the shutter a few times and talk to me while he began to be comfortable in the studio.
Studio Child Photographer Greenville SC

The truth is 1-3 year olds are complete wildcards in the studio.  But I could tell that McCall’s mama April had read and followed a number of tips in my 11 Ways to Prepare and Young Child for a Photography Session.  McCall warmed up quickly and smiled easily while his mama changed into her gown.
Studio Child Photographer Simpsonville SC
While I do offer wardrobe for all my mama’s in the studio, April chose to bring her own clothing.  And April’s gown was the perfect selection.  In fact, I’m still thinking of convincing her to sell it to me.
Studio Maternity Photographer Greer SC
The light and airy colors and length are just the perfect compliment to my cream studio.  The dreamy lighting techniques showed off her new mama glow perfectly!

Mommy and Me Maternity photos Simpsonville SC

McCall clearly adored his mama.  Their bond over giggles and baby sister’s tummy and sweet hugs was just incredible.

Mommy and Child Maternity Pictures Greenville SC

McCall will clearly be the best big brother.

Maternity Photographer Greenville SC

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Studio Maternity Photographer Simpsonville SC


The soft curves of promise swell.
Expectation grows.
Mother’s love growing clear each day.

Studio Maternity Photographer Simpsonville SC
Studio Maternity Photographer Greer SCMaternity Photos GreenvilleStudio Maternity Photographer Greenville SCMaternity Photos Simpsonville

Want to capture your anticipation?  We offer a maternity add on to any newborn session as well as baby plans that contain maternity, newborn, and milestone sessions.  Contact us today!

Light and Airy Studio Maternity Pictures Simpsonville SC

There’s something about pregnancy that simultaneously makes an expecting new feel simultaneously gorgeous and ugly.

Light and Airy Studio Maternity Pictures Simpsonville SC

I think feeling of ugliness comes from so many unmerited comments from friends and strangers.  “Gee!  You’re huge!  When are you due?!” can steal the joy of growing new life from any expecting mama.

Light and Airy Studio Maternity Pictures Simpsonville SC

When I do a maternity session, I want mama to feel pampered and gorgeous.  I recommend that mama invest in hair and makeup from my friend Katie at Cotton Rogue at Taylors Mill.Timeless Studio Portraits Maternity


I also provide mama with an extensive maternity wardrobe to choose from in the studio.  These light and airy pieces are sized to fit a variety of shapes and sizes.  Each item is pinned to fit mama perfectly.

Studio Maternity Photographer Greenville SC

We do sets on our bed, with backlight, and lit from the front.  I love the effect that simply moving a light can have on each image.

Maternity Pictures Bed Studio Greer SC


This mama’s name is Chelsea. As this baby was number five, she was already tired of hearing the “Are you sure you aren’t having twins?” comments.  She felt so unlovely that she told me that she was sure she would “look awkward” in front of the camera, but this was her last baby and she wanted to remember the miracle of carrying life.

Maternity Photographer Greenville SC

I’m so glad Chelsea chose to have this time memorialized despite her hesitations.  Mama loved the images and couldn’t believe how good she looks!

SImpsonville Maternity Photographer

Chelsea, it was a joy to serve you!



Maternity Mini Photo Session Greenville SC

Mini Maternity Photo Session Greenville SC
Jessica has the type of quiet strength that speaks volumes about her personality.

Maternity silhouette Greenville SC

She’s easy going and kind, and yet determined.  The kind of lady I hope my precious strong willed girl grows to be.

Studio maternity pictures dream light client wardrobe Greer SC

This baby was a miracle from the start.  A little one she wasn’t supposed to be able to have.

Studio Maternity Pictures Greenville SC

Her joy.  Her peace.  Her heart.  All such gifts to behold.

Want to document your expecting joy?  I’d love to meet you.  Mini sessions like this one are offered every third Friday on an availability basis.  Clients receive access to the studio wardrobe and 5 digital files of their choice.  Start the booking process by filling out this form here!

Indoor Maternity Photography Greenville SC

Lady-Joy wanted to do coffee before booking her newborn session.  So we sat down and talked about the session for about 30 minutes.Indoor Maternity Photography Greenville SC

We found out we had so many similarities: children the same age, worldviews, and fire to change the world.  We kept talking for a good 2 hours!

Indoor Maternity Photography Greenville SC

I love it when clients become good friends before the newborn session even starts!

Studio Maternity Photography Greenville SC

I like to surprise clients who meet me for coffee with a few maternity images outdoors at the Taylors Mill (because I love Due South Coffee!), but by the time we quit chatting all the sun was gone.

Studio Maternity Photography Greenville SC

So I took my new friend over to the studio for just a few quick images before saying good-bye.